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  1. Why is Indicoin creating Buzz?

    Indicoin is a decentralized autonomous cryptocurrency and a social service platform that enables users to use smart contracts to provide social proof to the blockchain community through a decentralized, unbiased and transparent voting process thereby incentivizing and encouraging the user community to undertake more such social tasks. Indicoin is a first ever social platform where people can not only contribute but also validate through any kind of content post anonymously from anywhere, anytime and also earn through it.
    Indicoin believes that it isn’t always necessary to cross oceans in order to help someone or a whole society, one can voice his opinion sitting at home. All that matters is that our concern and care turns into an action or a movement towards betterment. Hence with this speculation in our mind, we at Indicoin aspire to provide a broad platform for people from all walks of life, from any part of the world. We pursue to create an online platform where all of us can come together to contribute.
    So the question is how?

    Well, all you have to do is “share any (kind of Proof) live videos, images, illegal documents leak, E-way bills for which our DApp will provide full anonymity in supporting the real world or communities ecosystem in some or other way.” So all you have to do is do some good around you in making our world a better place and we will guarantee your full anonymity. As the traits of a ‘social worker’ is naturally grained in all of us, so one doesn’t just need to get a University certificate or let’s say work at a refugee camp to be called one. Today with the help of technology’s connectivity, we all can make our concerned voices heard.
    The social work encompasses a large array of jobs such as conducting awareness and literacy programs among the underprivileged sections of the society, conflict resolution of any kind and work related but not limited to environmental concerns. Hence Indicoin aims at providing financial benefits to the social workers and furthermore encourage users to help and improve the society as a whole by attaching a monetary value to every kind of work that benefits the society. Upon successful completion of the social work, an autonomous distribution of indicoin is done by the community on the basis of governance and consensus model. The funds provided for social work are to be locked through smart contracts and only be distributed upon the successful verification of the proof of work provided by the user on the indicoin platform.
    “According to Survey, 82% of Indians are deprived of basic needs in the country, which are tap water, electricity, and proper sanitation.”
    We are coming from a country where a mother has to walk miles for bringing water to their children, where a great mind get unexplored due to the continuous gaze of those eyes over dreamy eyelids in the dim light of a lantern, where rural masses still do not have access to a modern toilet. Illiteracy is still is it’s large.
    We are willing to overcome these problems with peoples who really want to contribute to society by doing some good to others. “Every good deed that’s nobly done will be repaid by us.”
    Keep in mind these are just a few of test cases that we see in our day to day life. There are a lot of other issues that we will overlook and vanquish with your help and support.

  2. The project is promising as it is showcasing huge reach and the responses as well.

  3. Indicoin Clean and Green Campaign

    "First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win."
    – Mahatma Gandhi

    Indicoin is launching its first project aimed at incentivising socially benefitting deeds on the occasion of Mahatma Gandhi’s birth anniversary, an individual who personifies peace, non-violence and social harmony across the world. Indicoin wants to mark this day in memory of his great deeds and his life lessons. No matter how small an idea is but with great perseverance and dedication – it has the potential to transform the world.

    In contemporary times, when the world is racing towards bringing successful business models over Blockchain, we stand here with our Social Proposal of Indicoin. Our ICO was launched on 1st October 2017, with an objective of making a difference together when each hand extends its help, bringing a global community together for a social cause.

    To commemorate this occasion, we are embarking on our Community Build Up program. We are initiating it with our Social Campaign “Green & Clean Indicoin”; we have opened up a bounty of minimum 500 INDI Coin for the participant(s) who successfully performs an act. In this endeavour we shall promote a message for a greener and cleaner society for us.

    The event shall encompass the act done by the community which shall be shared on our platform later for the community to see and get inspired. Additionally, to promote healthy competition, the members leading the board at the end of our ICO shall be rewarded with an attractive price of 100,000 INDI Coins.

    To support this initiative a drive to plant 1000 Trees will be executed by Darpan (SRF) in Varanasi, UP who would also connect with Blockchain to Incentivise the deed.

    Instructions to join the program:

    All you have to do is plant a tree or clean your surroundings (either one or both) and upload a live video (Social Proof) on your Facebook profile and submit the actual proof of the work’s social link on our website.

    Although FB Live videos are encouraged, other innovative solid proofs will be considered, only special cases shall be considered for pre-recorded videos.
    We encourage that the tasks should be performed in a public place, but they can also be performed on your private property albeit in open spaces like lawns, roadside etc.
    One proof per day is the limit. Individuals can do multiple posts in a single day, however the one with the highest reactions will be counted.
    The post should be “Public” and not limited to ‘Friends’ or ‘Friends of Friends’ on various Social Media Platforms.
    Post should have the hashtag #INDICleanNGreen & #Indicoin to be eligible for the program.
    Seriousness and success of task will increase your reward. The number of likes, shares on your post will also increase your reward up to 500 INDI Tokens.
    Adhere to the law of the land at all times.
    Token distribution will be done after the end of token sale.
    The campaign will last until 30th October. Entries will be updated twice a week.
    After uploading the live video, fill the form(link) with your name, email and link to the live video (Social proof).
    The Leader board will be updated every week. Evaluations will be done on the basis of social media reactions on the post.
    Adopting any unfair means or cheating will lead to barring the individual from any and all future campaigns.
    Indicoin reserves the right of final decision in case of any disputes.
    For any queries, write to us on

    The Best Entry will win 100,000 INDI Tokens and a chance to become Indicoin Social Ambassador on the basis of reactions received on the posts at the end of the Campaign.

    For more details, visit

  4. Indian Cryptocurrency “Swachhcoin” Launched to boost Swachh Bharat Campaign

    “Swachhcoin” is a decentralised waste management project which aims to create a global ecosystem to solve the problem of waste management by leveraging AI, Big Data, IoT and Blockchain altogether in sync with each other to develop a platform where individual users are rewarded for responsible waste disposal and existing waste management industries are equipped with state of the art technology enabling groundbreaking efficiency and operational capabilities.

    India, 6th March 2018: For as long as one can recall, planet has been poised with the problem of too much wastes and lack of valuable resources. Various kinds of wastes are being produced and disposed off in an uncontrolled and unsustainable manner causing an irreparable damage to our environment. On the other hand, there is a huge global crisis of various valuable resources from electricity, biogas, rare earth metals to timber, paper etc. The important thing here is that, most of these valuable resources can be extracted from same wastes which are carelessly disposed off. Also, the waste processing industries are equipped with archaic technology which greatly limits their ability to process the wastes efficiently into valuable outputs.

    “Swachhcoin” clearly has a disruptive vision of completely overhauling the waste management sector globally to overcome these issues through its sustainable, rewarding, profitable and technologically advanced ecosystem. They believe that waste is the greatest untapped resource present in abundance all around us and a lot can be done by the present and future generations to overturn the prevailing mindset of masses towards waste. “Swachhcoin” has brought together a number of advanced technologies that will work in sync with each other and will be offered to any existing waste management industry adopting the “Swachhcoin” platform. Some of the tools offered by “Swachhcoin” are: SWATA, SWATEL, SWIOT which stands for Swachh Big Data, Swachh Adaptive Intelligence, Swachh Internet of Things. There is also SWBIN and SWAPP, which stands for Swachh Bins and Swachh DApp. Individual users will be rewarded tokens for disposing off wastes in SWBIN thus encouraging proper waste disposal. The wastes collected from the SWBIN will be transferred to state-of-the-art processing facilities to extract useful products out of wastes which will be ultimately sold to bulk buyers in exchange for tokens.

    “Swachhcoin” is backed by India based blockchain development company “Community Tech Labs” in line to boost various government schemes particularly Swachh Bharat Abhiyan (Clean India Mission), which one can say is the flagship campaign of the elected government.


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