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Powerfull Car Cranes: CarTaxi

Sunday, September 17, 2017

It is time to make life more simple, short story, we will really need car towing service if our car there is a problem call it like jams / broken, run out of fuel, broke tires and others. Therefore such services will be greatly needed in modern times like these which are starting to take a lot of cars around the world and congestion everywhere.

This time we will discuss the latest topics from the world of blockchain technology and it seems to be the first in Indonesia or even in the world, as we have never before seen or even heard of a car crane service with blockchain technology.

Wow, Merging between car cranes and blockchain technology?

Things have not crossed our mind when I first heard such a service. Maybe some of you will also be surprised as we are when you hear this. Okay just let us tell you, the car crane service provider with the blockchain technology is CarTaxi.

Advanced innovations made by the company CarTaxi, because we can easily contact CarTaxi through smartphone apps on both Android and IOS, not only because CarTaxi wears blockchain technology then your transaction will be very fast in the process by them.

CarTaxi is a registered and licensed company, located at St. Petersburg Russia. So can guarantee security and professionalism and use insurance.

CarTaxi's mission is to make it easy for those of you who have problems with your car and need a 24-hour car crane service without complicated technology with blockchain. Need to know the current coverage of CarTaxi is broad and active and get a good response in various countries such as Russia, United States, and China.

How to use CarTaxi service?

Here we will describe the steps to use the CarTaxi service, please follow our instructions below carefully.

  1.  Download the CarTaxi app here (android) and here (iOS)
  2. After download please register yourself on the CarTaxi application
  3.  Then input your vehicle details
  4.  Choose your payment method (Secure Certified)
  5.  Make your payment (do not forget to enter promo code)
  6.  After making payment then the system will automatically record your order
  7.  And the crane near you will approach you.

The function of the CarTaxi application is to make it easier for you to place orders, track your whereabouts, process your order and send the location where you are to the CarTaxi field contractor.

What are the benefits of using CarTaxi?

You need to know, CarTaxi with the token (CTX) opens up the stock market just like any other company and offers investment to members interested in joining CarTaxi. And if you join then you will get a number of CTX tokens in accordance with the amount of investment you buy against the price of the CTX token.

The next advantage is the dividend of the profits of the company, so the more you invest the more tokens you get and the more your profits, according to the percentage of applied by CarTaxi. You can also benefit from selling CTX tokens in the crypto market, which will rise significantly for the price of the CTX token.

Information about the ICO structure

     Token Name: CTX
     Platform: ETH
     Total Token: 750,000,000

ICO will be open on 30 August 2017 and 100% CTX tokens representing 100% ownership of CarTaxi. Token can also be used for cartaxi payment method. CarTaxi offers 500,000,000 CTX Tokens (66%) in 2 pre-ICO and ICO stages. In Pre-ICO sales will be sold at a 45% discount. If ICO does not meet the maximum target Cartaxi will redeem and burn Token at a cost of 25% of its transportation revenue. For those of you who want a big profit, please invest in CarTaxi, Hurry up!! to its official website:

Official Link
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