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Thursday, April 24, 2014

CST 6850N
Confused me for a quality speaker, in addition to the expensive price is not necessarily bad fall didenger, register listing brands that I recommend are EDIFIER and Altec Lansing, rich Simbadda quality brands under which I mentioned earlier. because I've tried myself. I went straight to the place of purchase speakers and I tried a variety of brands, most of EDIFIER was a champion, a great voice that was over 45 RMS but the price is too expensive. and I try to Altec Lansing, the price is expensive, but the bass is not good. I am so confused which one fits the price, I was hooked Simbadda but nothing wonderful voice. there is one that makes my heart 6850N interested namely CST, the speaker wants about valuation? just about valuation Simbadda CST 6850N:

1. Unique shape, the material is nice.
2. There are bass and treble controls.
3. Nice bass, deep. do not lose the same top brands.
4. The price is quite cheap for a 45 RMS.
5. The amount of rich LCD Dell 16 ".
6. Suitable for all genres of songs, make watching the movie and game are also okay.

1. Lose the same treble bass. when playing a song that prefix is fixed and treble, but the bass have started to come out, like a treble seemed to disappear.
2. There is no remote.
3. Tweeter not base fibers.
4. Play songs over 85% volume, the bass is not as strong. depending on the song if the song is good quality bass smoothly.

Overall 70% OK for these speakers.


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